What Should We Know About Catch Basin?

What Should We Know About Catch Basin?

Catch basin is to collect excess rain and ground water to prevent surface from flooding. In a nutshell, a catch basin is a part of a storm drain or sewer system that is designed to trap debris so that it cannot enter the drainage pipes.

Catch basins and drains that become clogged due to accumulated debris and sediment (rocks, sand, dirt, leaves, or any debris that was washed into the catch basin) can cause water to collect in your parking lot, which can cause flooding and safety issues as well as damage to your asphalt pavement. 

A catch basin simply needs to be able to accept storm water and filter it down into the corresponding watershed or into the sewer. These structures are a vital part of the system preventing flooding and contamination. Regular cleaning and proper maintenance of catch basins will prevent parking lot flooding, backups and hazards.  

Similar problems can be avoided when it comes to sump pump maintenance. Sump pumps generally last for around 10 years, but require basic, regular maintenance in order to prolong their operational lives and avoid a catastrophe if a major need arises.

Today, more than ever there is focus on the maintenance of our underground infrastructures. Environmental concerns are on the rise and one of the best steps you can take towards a sound infrastructure is maintenance. 

Mr. Super Clean Power Wash Inc. provides professional catch basin and drain cleaning services in the Greater Toronto area and Halton region. Our dedicated catch basin technicians will give you the ability to focus on staying ahead of potential problems and when those emergencies arrive you will have the right tool to take care of the problem.

Our pressure washer equipped low clearance vacuum tankers will use a high-pressure stream of water to blast away sand and debris from the catch basins, and all blockages in underground parking. This process allows water to run freely away from the catch basins, relieving flooding. 

We can clean out and remove debris and other obstructive elements to keep your catch basins and storm drains functioning properly.  

With regular catch basin cleaning, you are able to prevent this kind of damage, and to save costs when this regular maintenance allows technicians to spot problems before they arise, and to conduct minor, cost-effective repairs instead of large, expensive repairs later on.

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