How Often Should We Schedule a Parking Garage/Lot Cleaning Service?

How Often Should We Schedule a Parking Garage/Lot Cleaning Service?

A clean, safe and well-kept parking structure can have a major impact in how people view your business. For many, this may be the very first thing they see about your business, making maintenance even more important. Moreover, an unkempt parking area littered with trash, dimly lit and lacking basic care can easily make customers feel unsafe and want to avoid your business. Similarly, it can detract from the overall work environment for your employees. 

A well maintained clean parking lot will not only improve the overall appearance of your facility, but also provides a safe and convenient environment for both drivers and pedestrians. We recommend once a yearcomplete parking lot power sweeping service for outdoor parking lot.

Parking garage cleaning is essential to making clients, customers and employees feel safe. By maintaining your structure, you can help deter criminal activity and vandalism by ensuring there is a clear presence of care. 

For underground parking garage, cover parking or multi-level parking garage, we recommend twice a yearprofessional parking garage cleaning service.Mr. Super clean specialized in power sweeping, power washing, power scrubbing and cleaning all types of indoor and outdoor parking lot, from small and low clearance parking garages to large multi-leveled once. We have latest equipment and industry leading technique to meet all of your requirements

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