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• Parking Garage buildup with debris and stains?
• Catch Basin is full and slow?
• Parking Lot lines are worn out, not visible or incorrect?
• Accumulated winter snow salt in your parking lot?
• Warehouse needs a fresh, dust free and clean look? … and more?

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When choosing a property maintenance and pressure washing company, you need a team that understands what it takes to make your building and grounds safe, clean and appealing to customers, clients and employees. At Mr. Super Clean, our professional technicians are expertly trained in the proper use and safety of all our industry-leading equipment to give you optimal results safely and efficiently. We are also committed to environmentally-friendly practices, exceptional customer service, and 100% satisfaction from all our clients. To experience the difference, use our simple Request a Free Quote form
or call us at (905) 465-1881.

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At Mr. Super Clean, we value your time and have designed our services to be exceptional in convenience and quality. To ensure our customers always get the best services without disruption to their business, we offer after-hour service during early mornings and evenings to minimize any conflict with your normal work hours.
Choose a pressure washing company that understands the importance of keeping your business in top shape and the value of your time.
To schedule your FREE consultation please use our simple Request a Free Quote form or call us at (905)465-1881.

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Why should I choose Mr. Super Clean?

Mr. Super Clean Power Wash Inc. is a Canadian owned and operated, Toronto GTA based professional property maintenance and cleaning company. We are specialized in parking garage cleaning, catch basin cleaning, parking lot sweeping, line painting, warehouse cleaning, janitorial services and more.

  • Over 10 years of experience in quality property maintenance services
  • Fully insured and carry WSIB insurance policy
  • Continuous reinvestment for the latest and best equipment
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning products and methods
  • Competitive pricing with top quality results
  • Special discounts on weekly/monthly/yearly packages
  • 100% free consultation and estimates
  • Convenient scheduling with flexible after-work hours
  • 24/7 Emergency services so you’re always covered

We would love to welcome you to experience the difference at Mr. Super Clean, the expert in property maintenance services and customer care!

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