The industry Leader in Underground Parking Cleaning

We are specialized in power washing and cleaning all types of underground parking from small and low clearance garages to large multi-leveled ones.

Power Sweeping

Before power washing or power scrubbing, we perform complete power sweeping. Our power sweeper machine pickup and collect all loose dirt, garbage, debris, leaves, rocks and fine dust, so it will never get to the drain during the power washing.

Power / Pressure Washing

After power sweeping, we treat all oil spots and any other kind of heavy stains using the latest right equipment and technology in conjunction with products that are environmentally responsible, technicians they are well-trained and with industry-leading best practices.

Power Scrubbing

Sometimes based on underground parking floor type and condition, client request power scrubbing instead of power washing. In this case, after power sweeping, we use our power-scrubbing machine to clean the underground parking to remove fine dirt and stains.

Sprinkler pipe dusting and cleaning

We have proper tools and technique to clean underground parking pipes.