Parking lot Striping & line Painting

Line painting and pavement marking are important factors to consider in the regular maintenance of your parking facility.
A well-marked and neatly maintained parking lot will not only improve the overall appearance of your facility, but also promotes safety and convenience by informing pedestrians and drivers where to park, stop or walk. A professionally striped/marked parking area will accomplish the following things:

  • Safer Parking Environment for both drivers and pedestrians traveling to your property.
  • Increased Efficiency & Flow: In busy lots, this often translates into lost customers.
  • Ensure the most efficient parking and traffic flow.
  • Improve the overall aesthetics of your site.

Mr. Super Clean Power Wash Inc. provides all different types of parking lot marking, new layouts, line painting/striping and stenciling services. We have experience with a wide variety of parking properties, from underground parking garages to large outdoor parking areas. Our customers include hotels, apartment buildings, condominiums, hospitals, schools, universities, shopping centers, restaurants and municipal parking lots. We use latest line painting equipment and durable high quality paints to guarantee the best possible results for our customers.

Our services include:

  • Parking lot line painting and repainting
  • Underground parking garages
  • Parking lot numbering and lettering
  • No parking zone painting
  • Crosshatching
  • Handicap parking symbols
  • Curbing and stop bars
  • Painting speed bumps
  • Painting crosswalk lines
  • Automotive safety zones
  • Directional traffic arrows and stop lines
  • Other specialty symbols and markings
  • Parking and traffic sign installation
  • Warehouse floor striping and staging
  • Warehouse loading and safety lines
  • Warehouse skid rows or freight lanes